FAQs – Ragnars


How do I book? 

You can book your Styling Appointment via our Website with simply clicking on “Book Now”. Currently we do not offer an mobile app. However, you should also be able to access our website through any other devices such as Mobile Phone / iPad.

In which city can I make an Appointment?  

Currently available in London only. Other cities will follow.

How long is the Appointment? 

Styling Appointments include a consultation at the beginning of the appointment via phone or email. Appointment length differs depending on how much time the you decide to book. For example, to shop for a Specialty Item, you would only need an hour. However, if you are looking for a new wardrobe to match a job promotion, then perhaps you would need our Corporate Styling Appointment, which takes 3 hours. 

How do I prepare for my Styling Appointment? 

You do not need to prepare - your Stylists does all the work for you! To help them better understand your style, you could let your Stylist know your favourite designer or inspiration looks. It also helps if you let your Stylist know what your budget is. Other than that you do not need to worry.

What services do you offer? 

All services listed here

What if I need to Cancel my appointment? 

If you have any changes in your schedule and need to cancel or change your appointment, you can do so by replying to a email that has been sent to you with your confirmation of your original appointment, the time of the original appointment and the desired change.

We will not charge you if you cancel your appointment 24hr prior your scheduled appointment.

Do you offer Wardrobe Edits? 

Currently we will only offer Styling Appointment on RAGNARS but we plan to have Wardrobe Cleanse as one of our services.  The main reason why the Wardrobe Cleanse can not be offered at this stage is mainly due to security reasons. 

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